Celebrating A Mentor, Celebrating An Icon, Celebrating A Father.

Celebrating Grace

A blessing to all nations, a father, mentor and leader to many. Sir we salute your exemplary leadership. Thank you for impacting the lives of so many around the world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Happy Birthday Sir, we love you.

Your Birthday Messages

Happy BIrthday Pastor Sir, I celebrate you and salute you Pastor Sir. I thank God for this special day which is very significant to me and the Gospel Envoys Nation,a day when we celebrate the anointing, a day we celebrate our father,our mentor,we celebrate the goodness of the Lord and the gift of life.You are a life giver, an icon of Christ and an epitome of excellence.
A glorious blessed birthday! I love you dad.

Pastor KebbyZambia

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. I'm so grateful to God for you. You have served as such a great influence and my life story wouldn't be complete without you mentioned in it. I love you

Sharon KaongaZambia

My mentor, life couch and a father. Pastor Sir you are the definition of God's love for the nations that He had to send you. Even if I only have you as God's blessing I would be fulfilled and happy because in you I have all I need for for life . Thank you for believing in me the way you do. Thank you for pointing me to God and teaching me His word. I'm grateful Pastor Sir. Happy birthday

Jessica MwaleZambia

It's a rare opportunity to be mentored and fathered into destiny. It's a miracle for that to happen at the hands of the best. Thank you for taking up the call. Happy birthday Pastor sir.

Samiro Mung'ombaZambia

My Father, My Mentor,Pastor Choolwe,thank you for all and everything you are. Thank you for your unending love towards me,thank you for teaching me the word,for always simplifying it in the best way I can understand.
Thank you for believing in me Daddy.
God had me in mind on this day. I will always remain grateful,a long healthy and prosperous life to you Daddy.

I love you so much.

Mwape KasochiZambia

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. May the Lord continue to increase his grace over your life.

Sir Gordon MulengaZambia

Happy birthday Pastor Sir, a great mentor you have taken me to another level as envoy. I love you sir

Mwila MilamboZambia

Happy birthday Pastor Sir.

Thank you for teaching me to love God and love His word. You've introduced me to a limitless life and you have believed in me from the start.

I celebrate you today and always
Thank you

Kupa ChirwaZambia

Happy Birthday Pastor Choolwe
You indeed a gift to the body of Christ, and we appreciate you dearly...
The Lord has Exalted and Lifted you, the Glory and the Love of os rested up you...
Special Grace to help not only the Envoys but Hos servants across the Nation of Zambia and beyond.
You Are Indeed a vessel of honor. He that begun the work in you, is promoting you day and night and your election is a sure one.
Happy Birthday Nkosi

John MosepeleSouth Africa

Happy Birthday Pastor Choolwe we love and appreciate you dearly. Thank you for all your doing you are exceptional sir.

Pastor Carole FrankUnited Kingdom

So many lives have been touched by your life, the words you speak have built up my life and given me the strength to face tomorrow indeed knowing I have made it through this life and nothing can stop me.
You have given me a chance to see how far I can go, you believe in me that I can do it.

Now I am living life knowing I am the best, you took the time to make me what I am. I thank The Lord for blessing me with such a gift....best daddy ever.

Ever since I met you my life has never been the same. You believed so much in me
You saw the best and brought it out
I know I am favoured to have someone like you guide me through life
I am so grateful for the love you have shown to me.

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir, I have chosen to write this message from me to you using the lyrics in the song "Best daddy ever" because they indeed explain and express the impact of your life and ministry in my life. I thank God for sending you to be my Pastor and father. I love you Pastor Sir.

Bupe Tupos KabwebweZambia

Happy birthday Pastor sir.You have taught and inspired me to serve God diligently.The word of God that you have taught me Pastor sir has transformed my life totally.I celebrate your life.I love you daddy

Rabecca MasukuZambia

Thank you my mentor, pastor and dad for touching​ my life in so many untold ways. Your zeal, passion and dedication to ministry is something I have learn from you. You have taught me the urgency of soul Winning. Thank you for answering to God's call on your life.
Happy happy birthday Pastor sir. I love you.
From Chirundu, Triumphant Life Church.

Baunelah Muchimba PhiriZambia

Happy birthday Pastor Choolwe. May God continue to bless you! Thank you for your teachings, am becoming more and more hungry for Christ because of you. Thank you for the role you are playing in my life. May the Grace keep multiplying for you

Ethel PeteliZambia

I join heaven in celebrating your life. Ur a special gift to me and the body of Christ. Thank you for making my life a story of good news. I love you pastor sir

Maiwase ZuluZambia

You have taught me to take every word of God as wisdom for life. I do not worry of anything, neither do I get intimidated by any situation because of what you have taught me. Happy birthday...I celebrate the grace upon your life.

Mayembe MulwandaZambia

Happy Birthday. We cerebrate you,Your leadership,we also give thanksgiving to the good lord who has blessed us with such a man like you.
My prayer is that you will grow old beyond 90's preaching the gospel and we will grow old in the ministry with you.

Thank you

Ntula SimwingaZambia

I have learned so much from you and pray that as you celebrate another year that God will continually guide and bless you. Your life has been an inspiration to me and I thank my God for you. Happy Birthday Pastor Sir.

Thomas Kayamba MwanzaZambia

Happy birthday pastor Sir. And many more returns. I love u sana

Beauty AsanteZambia

Through you I was baptised by the Holy ghost, I have gotten to know him and how amazing he is to me through you Pastor Sir. Thank you for being my Pastor. The good Lord Bless you for ever.

Angieh Mwakoi KalikitiZambia

Thank you Pastor Sir for answering the Lords call, through you my life and ministry have found expression. As you reminded us of this statement, "its better to be a tail of a Lion than a mouse", i wish to express my gratitude yet again for allowing me to be a part of the great ride of your life. Happy Birthday Sir and more grace.

Sean BandaZambia

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